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Excellent clinic
Excellent clinic. Have been going there for years. The most amazing administration staff Rebecca who is professional, friendly and informative. Well done! Masie is amazing and so very experienced. She knows exactly what a clients wants and needs!
Anon User
Amazing results
Amazing results of lip enhancement and nasal fold using dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injections around eyes and forehead performed by Dr. Maz. Still so happy after 6 months and cannot recommend enough Dr. Mariusz and the Star Cosmetic Medicine Clinic in Pyrmont. A big congratulation as well to Star Cosmetic Medicine clinic Pyrmont for there resent received award in outstanding customer service.
Very happy
Very happy with the what Maisie did especially on the lines above my lip, they were quite pronounced and she did a great job. The finished product, after the bruising and swelling went down was very natural which is what I was after. thanks.
Kerrie Sawyer

How much will the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty cost?

A Non Surgical Nose Job is a cost effective procedure. The cost of the procedure ranges from $550 to $1100. We use use Dermal Fillers and a nose job cost in our Sydney or Melbourne Clinic varies in price depending on your overall situation and expectations of Nose Reshaping. The nose job cost depends on the amount and type of Dermal Filler used for your nose job.

How long does the Non-Surgical Nose Job last?

Using the more viscous dermal fillers, the average longevity is 9-12 months. The duration of a this procedure varies from person to person as well as the area being treated but it can last years.

Want to know more about Nose Job Costs Sydney?

To findout more about your nose job cost Sydney or Melbourne please call us on 0416 111 476

Is it painful?

The nose surprisingly is not a painful area. The one exception is the nose tip. Your practitioner will use a pain killer however to make sure you are very comfortable.

Any down time?

Like all Dermal Fillers, there may be 24 hours of mild redness. About twenty percent of people develop a mild bruise, but this settles quickly. Most people can go straight back to work or social activities immediately. You will need to avoid putting pressure on the area for a few days however.

How long does the procedure take?

Performing the procedure is relatively fast. About 10 min. But it is important to spend some time beforehand to plan and undergo a consultation with a minor medical examination and anaesthetics so allow 50-60 minutes.

Post-Op Care

Dr Maz suggests you should stop taking aspirin and anti coagulants including fish oil tablets a week prior to your nose job procedure.

During consultation with Dr Maz we will ask you what if any medical illnesses and medications you are on. You may need to check with your GP if you its okay to stop taking any of your medications.

On the day of surgery your nose should has makeup free and you should avoid touching or applying makeup on the treated area for about six hours.

Please avoid wearing heavy glasses in sunglass for about two weeks after your procedure.