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Blog Post: Nose reshaping with dermal fillers - A Brief History

Blog Post: Nose reshaping with dermal fillers - A Brief History-asian-nose-non-surgery-sydney-1

The first doctor to experiment with injectables was way back into the 1800s, first with paraffin (wax) and then fat from ladies arms!

With the invention of silicone in the 1940s, doctors used this new wonder substance but there were negative side effects and silicone was banned until 1992, when a safer form of silicone was developed.

Every wondered how Dermal Fillers became the 'go to' cosmetic treatment, creating many anti-aging and cosmetic solutions including nose reshaping?

In a quest to identify the ideal filler for cosmetic treatments, scientists in the 1970s experimented with a number of animal collagens and Stanford University was the first FDA approved filler made from cows collagen!

But a commercially viable facial filler was slow to appear, although the field of aesthetic medicine was rapidly growing. Research into alternatives to costly animal collagen came later and were considered more effective and safer. The next-generation of fillers developed were hyaluronic acid fillers.

Also a change in the philosophy of the cosmetic medicine professional changed the way fillers were used.

Initially fillers were used for facial aesthetics and what the industry considers 2-dimensional treatments where the focus is on ageing - individual lines and wrinkles.

But changing attitudes towards healthcare and the idea of treating from patients from the within or 'from the inside out', meant dermal fillers were seen as the ideal treatment because of there ability to treat all areas of the face to create a youthful appearance.

This 3-dimensional perspective on rejuvenation started an exciting chapter in the anti-aging industry on facial rejuvenation. Now dermal filler were used to shape and redefine the face from aging effects like gravity, fat loss and gain in the face (jaw line, eyes, etc), the process of skin thinning, bone resorption, and the loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin.

Approved by the FDA , hyaluronic acid fillers have been used since 2006.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in your body. It is found in the soft connective tissues and fluid around your eyes, in skin tissue and also in cartilage and joint fluids (often a treatment arthritis to ease pain and aching joints).

In fact, this substance is found in almost every single living thing, transferring essential nutrients from the bloodstream to skin cells. Because of this, its compatibility with the human body makes it a good choice over other fillers.

Dermal fillers also enable us to create delicate and tailored treatments for our patients ensuring you have the best outcome for you personally. We want the best for you and this gives us a safe and flexible procedure.

The scope of refinement we can achieve with dermal fillers for your nose job makes it a great choice and alternative to surgical rhinoplasty.

We want the best for you and this gives us a safe and flexible procedure.

Tuesday December 8th 2015Dr Maz